Life is good. Resting at home this past year has been healing. Family and pets…a lot of love and a lot of time to write new music and paint.

After a crazy year of medical events I am happy to share the great news about my new album FEELING THE LOVE AGAIN. This album has a full band sound with special guest appearances from other well known amazing artists. Future announcements regarding the album release date will be posted on this website and my FB Page so keep an eye out! Follow the link from this site to my FB page and “like” it. You will get current news and updates.

I want to thank all my Fans for being so supportive and concerned during this rough period of time. It is for you that I perform and write songs. Your energy and love keeps me inspired.

Lastly but most importantly I want to share my profound love for my wife Susan who never left my side for a moment. Sleeping by my side and saying beautiful and encouraging words inspiring me that I was gonna make it.

Susan had more strength and dignity then most anyone I have ever met. I feel reborn since falling in love with her. Without her true true love-well let’s just say I have it. If not for her love and perseverance I am not sure I would be here today. This is the true love I’ve always searched for and amazingly found.


Marty Balin

MVD Entertainment Group Proudly Announces Label Artist MARTY BALIN, Founder Of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, To Receive Grammy Honorable Lifetime Achievement Award

Thank you MVD Entertainment for the wonderful recognition of receiving the Grammy Life Time Achievement Award. I am grateful to all my Fans who believe in me and who have sent love and well wishes.

While it will be a great show on PBS tonight I do wish I could have kicked -ss and been there to sing to you VOLUNTEERS as originally planned, prior to my unexpected illness.

All said and done this has been a good year after all. My two albums have been very well received. THE GREATEST LOVE is getting great attention and excellent reviews. Thank you for your support.

The gallery survived Hurricane Matthew, with much repair and cleanup. I survived my health health “hic-cup” and while I miss touring and performing for you guys I am happy to spend time at home with my wife and children. I am catching up on other projects.

So enjoy life…enjoy the music and know that I love you!

Marty Balin

Hi Everyone. Thank you for all your thoughts and healing energy.
It’s working. I love you all.

It was a sad day for me to miss the Grammy Life Achievement Awards…but hey life happens. I’m here to create more music, paint more images and work on preserving the legacy of the great JEFFERSON AIRPLANE with my fellow Band mates Grace, Jorma, Jack and in memory with Paul and Signe. Life is good.

Follow my FB page and website for new things happening. My gallery in Saint Augustine is super cool. The city is beautiful in November when it lights up with a special event called NIGHT OF LIGHTS. Check this link out as the trolley goes right by my Gallery. Maybe I will see you there! Marty


Dear Fans,

Thanks for all your well wishes! I am doing real good. Working on some new projects. In the next few weeks my gallery in St. Augustine Florida will have some new pieces of art. The date these works will be on display will be announced on my FB page. It will be on a first Friday art walk. If you have not visited Saint Augustine put it on your “places to visit list!”. Saint Augustine is a beautiful and historic City with a great deal of Art and Music. My gallery is centrally located and has some of my coolest paintings and memorabilia. Come in, sit back and cool off while you watch some film clips of my musical journey from past to the present.

Happy travels!

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.49.02 PM

Marty Balin Interview

Marty Balin, Founder Of Jefferson Airplane, Shares Thoughts On Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award As He Is Unable To Attend Ceremony In Los Angeles This Weekend…


“An Evening at the Grammy’s”

A wonderful trip to L.A! It began Sunday evening at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala Celebration. It was great to catch up with Mickey Hart and Stephen Stills. Never saw so many Stars in one room!
Then off to the Grammy’s on Monday. Great to see Jack Casady and Grace’s daughter China Isler and her husband Seth. Looking forward to seeing Grace and the rest of the JA Band members at the LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS that take place on April 23rd. Looking forward to joining together with my fellow Band members and singing a few JA hits. Should be a great evening for all. Thinking of Paul and Sig………their music and memory lives on!

Signe Anderson, Original Jefferson Airplane…

Signe Anderson, Original Jefferson Airplane Singer, Dead at 74

“One sweet lady has passed on. I imagine that she and Paul woke up in heaven and said ‘Hey what are you doing here?
Let’s start a band’ and no sooner then said Spencer was there joining in!

It was a sad week losing Paul and Signe. While I was requested to do many interviews I only did a few. The real feelings are in a song….. in fact all the songs that we did together, and separately, during and after JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and JEFFERSON STARSHIP say it all.
I look forward to attending the Grammy Awards ceremony on February 15th and sharing the recognition of those gifted Artists who remain with us and those who have left us this year. The music still lives on.”
Rolling Stones Article:

Marty Balin Remembers Paul Kantner

“So many memories rushing through my mind now. So many moments that he and I opened new worlds. He was the first guy I picked for the band and he was the first guy who taught me how to roll a joint. And although I know he liked to play the devil’s advocate, I am sure he has earned his wings now”. Sai Ram “Go with God”